Beach vibes

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Record label promo photos

These are from a promotional shoot done in 1999, used for their “I’ll never stop” single.The single was cut from the American version of no strings attached, but released as a single in the uk and other countries.

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NSA album promotional shoot outtakes

Making some small additions to the gallery tonight, adding some old goodies for nostalgia. Click the image to view the set.

Outtakes from 2011 comic con press shoot

During the promotional tour for “In time”, Justin and Amanda Seyfried attended the 2011 comic con convention for sci fi fans and comic book readers. The two posed for pictures for a column featured in entertainment weekly, and here are a very that didn’t make the cut.

Not sure why, but I feel as though I always like the drafts better than what makes It to print. Click the preview below to see the images in the gallery.

2011 “in time” movie shoot

Here’s another photo shoot of Justin and Amanda to promote their film at that time. Click the image below to view photos in the gallery!

In time movie promotional session

Not only was “in time” one of my favorite movies Justin was lead in, but I absolutely loved everything involved. He looked incredibly sexy playing the part of will Salas in the sci-fi thriller, and looked just as good on all of the items used to promote the film. Below is one of the most commonly used shoots between Amanda Seyfried and Justin from 2011, used on the films poster and dvd boxing.

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Random shoots

I added some old, but random photo sessions to the gallery tonight so I’ve highlighted some for your viewing pleasure. Here’s one done with bad teacher co stars Cameron Diaz and Jason segal back in 2011. Click the image below to check out the entire set.

Added more ….

Searched through Facebook and Twitter and these are the results…. if you are the owner of the images and want credit please let me know and I’d be more than happy to display! Click the preview below to check out the most recent uploads

Final round photos

Sorry I didn’t post these last night, work was so hectic I literally cried and needed a mental moment … and when I got home, I went directly to sleep. But here they are!

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These new (but old) photos of Justin casually, yet very sexy, strolling around los Angeles last month have circulated the socials this weekend. Not sure how they seemed to have slipped through all of our radar, but we are glad they became noticed, check out the full set in the gallery by clicking the preview below.