Madison Square garden… part uno

I attended the show in New York on his birthday, despite having the flu, I’m glad I went. I was pretty annoyed back in October when the original show got postponed because I had at that point waited on the street for a few hours in the general admission line, however I knew the makeup would be great. The anticipation and excitement to not only see him after what seemed like an eternity, but the hear that sweet voice yet again, made the wait all the more special. In October I was happy to see him back to back for the shows I had planned, but the cancellation actually turned out great in a sense that I go to see him spread out.

The days leading up to the show I came down with the flu (which I’m still trying to rid myself of), and contemplated selling my ticket and missing it. The morning of, the wonderful folks at Madison Square Garden made the amazing decision of handing out numbered bands to those waiting to allow for fans to stay inside rather than stay on the street in the sub zero temperatures. Typically us fans wait for hours to get as close to the stage as possible, which was why I at first wanted to opt out. The thought of having to be outside in the freezing air seemed crazy, and I didn’t want to risk my health. Luckily the staff at MSG took pitty on the fans, and allowed this to happen!

Not only do I applaud the Garden for the wristband situation, and for allowing us to fill the seats of the theater while waiting, but the overall organization was outstanding. They executed the general admission line flawlessly and without any chaos, allowing fans to actually enjoy their time, and be safe while getting to the stage. Thank you to the amazing team of security at the garden!

now onto the goods……

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