wonder wheel captures

as you should be aware, Justin’s latest film got released on Tuesday. Wonder wheel, a film created by the controversial director Woody Allen, takes place in the 50s and follows a strange love story of a Coney island life guard. Mickey (played by Justin) finds himself dating a married woman, who’s step daughter comes into town and also catches Mickey’s eye. Not my taste in film, but I won’t say it was terrible. check out screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below.

he had a way bigger role in this movie than I expected! he’s kind of the lead focus.

Screenshot_2018-02-21_17_25_41.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_17_58_39.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_07_30.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_07_53_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_09_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_31.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_53_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_23_48.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_25_29_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_25_58.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_27_20.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_28_03.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_32_35.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_33_03.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_42_16_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_46_36.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_47_19.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_49_43_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_51_23_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_07_25_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_10_28.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_10_48_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_18_14.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_31_57.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_34_37_2.png

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