Oslo fan photos

I’m actually really loving these fan photos, he seemed to be very involved with the crowd, we all know he loves the fans but tonight It seemed to be a little extra! Here are some photos that were sent in and found on IG!

Click the image above to view over 75 pictures from the 8/2 show of the man of the woods tour in the gallery! Plus photos from other dates!

Motw is back….

After a short break in Europe,Justin joins the Tennessee kids again on stage in Sweden! Check out fan photos in the gallery by clicking the image below.

Cologne night 2

Click the image above to view hundreds of fan photos from 7/22 in cologne !!!

The MOTW tour gets a tiny break, he has no shows until the 31st! Also gives woj come time to gather up some material 💕

Cologne photos

Check out hundreds of fan photos from Justin’s show 7/21/2018 in cologne !!! Click the image above to view them and more in the gallery!

Man of the woods hits Amsterdam

Check out some fan photos of Justin from last nights show in Amsterdam! Click the image above to see the gallery

Fan photos from mannaheim show

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Out and about in London

Of course the cameras are going to find Justin when he’s off stage, and we are happy to share! After playing for a two hour set at the O2 arena in London Justin head on over to the embankment pier for some celebrating. Here are some photos of his arrival.

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London night 2

Click the image above to view fan photos from tonight’s show in London

Justin Timberlake Will Broadcast England’s World Cup Match at O2 Arena Before His London Show

Justin Timberlake surprised London fans with an exciting announcement Tuesday (July 10) on his Instagram. Before his show Wednesday night, the O2 arena will open its doors early “for the first time ever” and welcome JT fans to watch the England vs. Croatia semifinal World Cup match on the arena’s big screens.

I’ve been thinking,” he started, “We had a crazy show on Monday and we’ve got another one coming up on Wednesday. There is also another very important thing happening on Wednesday,” he said referencing the game.

Timberlake continued, “We’re gonna watch this together, and you know what? It’s coming home.” England has only won the World Cup one time, back in 1966. Now, they’re one game away from the finals.

Justin and Jess enjoy a cute afternoon date