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As you know Justin has a helping hand in one of the latest designs of the popular sneaker brand. Check out some photos of Justin making an appearance at a local shop! Click the image below!

wonder wheel captures

as you should be aware, Justin’s latest film got released on Tuesday. Wonder wheel, a film created by the controversial director Woody Allen, takes place in the 50s and follows a strange love story of a Coney island life guard. Mickey (played by Justin) finds himself dating a married woman, who’s step daughter comes into town and also catches Mickey’s eye. Not my taste in film, but I won’t say it was terrible. check out screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below.

he had a way bigger role in this movie than I expected! he’s kind of the lead focus.

Screenshot_2018-02-21_17_25_41.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_17_58_39.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_07_30.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_07_53_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_09_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_31.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_13_53_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_23_48.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_25_29_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_25_58.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_27_20.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_28_03.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_32_35.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_33_03.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_42_16_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_46_36.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_47_19.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_49_43_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_18_51_23_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_07_25_2.png
Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_10_28.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_10_48_2.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_18_14.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_31_57.png Screenshot_2018-02-21_19_34_37_2.png

Britt awards coverage

vocals and dance moves were on point tonight!

britt_awards_2018_performance_027.jpg britt_awards_2018_performance_039.jpg britt_awards_2018_performance_062.jpg britt_awards_2018_performance_201.jpg

Justin leaving night club in London

What in the hell is he wearing ? Lol sorry I got distracted lol 😆 click the image above to view the full set of photos from last nights little outting

Wonder wheel !!!!

Starting February 20th you can own wonder wheel on iTunes! Of course you can preorder It now to save some time!

For even more justin, be sure to purchase the HD version which will include the “iTunes extras” package. This fancy little package will feature small interviews and clips with the crew and cast members, exclusive to iTunes customers only.

Esquire magazine scans

Justin was featured in the February issue of esquire spain (I think) so check out the scans! Click the image above or link below to access full images in the gallery!


The Hubris Of Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods Event

If you are a major celebrity on the brink of a major world tour, you launch a merch collection. That is what Kanye West did with Life of Pablo that made gothic-font-on-long-sleeved-tees one of the year’s biggest trends. That is what Justin Bieber did with Purpose that had both his fans and haters scrambling to scoop up hoodies sporting Sin City-fied images of a former teen pop star. Rihanna’s Anti, The Weeknd’s Starboy, and Beyonce’s Lemonade all had wildly successful merch lines to accompany wildly successful albums. And then Justin Timberlake released Man of the Woods.
If ever there was a sign for the way A-list artists and their handlers build hype around marketing trends, but sometimes miss the point, it came Wednesday morning when news broke that Timberlake would be opening up a NYC pop-up shop to sell a collection of merch. Never mind that the press preview for fashion editors came the first day of women’s Fashion Week and the last day of men’s, a big no-no considering that typical Fashion Week events are carefully organized through the CFDA to minimize scheduling conflicts. The fashion establishment doesn’t like this sort of thing — and this is not an unknown. When West brazenly skirted the etiquette of Fashion Week the first year he showed, there was significant backlash. Timberlake also didn’t think the same rules should apply.

This is a weird attitude to take considering the week that he’s had: A new album got panned by critics (Pitchfork called it “a huge misstep” and assigned the album a rating of 3.8/10, the New York Times asked whether the past 12 years of Justin Timberlake’s status as a pop star was delusional, and even Forbes called the album “fake woke”). His Super Bowl performance called into question whether he’s always used black bodies, products, and production for personal gain.


To a much more minor, but much more hilarious extent, it also offended fashion people. His performance featured a debut of sort of a new, countrified Timberlake that was supposed to present a more authentic self, but came across as clearly manufactured. His outfit consisted of a fringed leather jacket, an orange bandana, camo pants, and a shirt sublimated with a Montana landscape featuring two bucks (deer, not cash). Twitter erupted in jokes about the hard left turn Timberlake had apparently done with his new woodsy wardrobe. Reporter Matthew Shneier collected a few in a tweet: “Like a bitcoin millionaire who just bought his way into Westworld.” “Like a molly dealer at Coachella.” “Cashier at Urban Outfitters decided to rob a train in the 1890s.” It’s a look that’s curiously both right-on (country-Western motifs are one of 2018’s bigger fashion trends) and completely off-the-mark (country-Western-by-way-of-service-station-gift-shops is a look with limited appeal). This new style direction was like the result of a game of telephone, played during a Coachella act.

New photos

Check out pictures of Justin from earlier tonight at his NYC pop up shop! Open only until Sunday. Click the above image or the link below to view photos from the event!


Prince’s Brother Says His Hologram Will Not Be Used During the Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Prince’s family and friends were quick to shoot down reports that the late singer’s hologram would make an appearance during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII halftime show on Sunday.

The “Purple Rain” singer’s family denied it was happening on Saturday through a Twitter account managed by his brother, Omarr Baker.

In the tweet, Baker shared a no entry sign along with “#PrinceHologram,” after TMZ reported Timberlake had a hologram planned in honor of Prince and his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Super Bowl will be held.

Timberlake’s rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The NFL also was not immediately available for comment.

man of the woods album scans

003~1.jpg 005~1.jpg 002~1.jpg 007~1.jpg

merchandise > cd scans > man of the woods – us version

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