Ok! Australia scan

Cute lil snippet about lavish weddings, so of course It includes Justin, the mrs and that famous pink dress.

Round one!

Justin and fellow golfer seemed to have a little fun while they kicked off this tournament in Tahoe. Check out some photos from fans and a few professional shots! Click the preview below

Us weekly scan

I LOVE that Justin is rarely in the headlines, because he stays out of the drama that is Hollywood, but every once in a while he’s in the photos. Here they mention him and Jess as part of their feature for fourth celebrations. Click the preview below to read the full article in the gallery!

And on the third day…

(Mean girls popped in my head after I typed that) … well the tournament is three days in and I’m man is still hot. Check out some fan photos of Justin getting his swing on.

More Tahoe fan photos

More photos have been uploaded from various social media outlets, click the preview image below to view photos in the gallery!

Fan photos from Tahoe day dos

Day two has begun

He is the only man that makes golf look sexy I swear!

Tahoe fan photos

Our boy is part of the ac championship in Tahoe, and photos are already pouring in. I got some from a few friends who are lucky enough to attend. Click the image below to view the full set in the gallery!

Previously recorded collaboration with Wayne

This track is a cut from Wayne’s album.

Avenue noir magazine scans

Sometimes international magazines aren’t available to us Americans at first, which is why I’m just now getting this may release. Click the image above to view scans and article from “avenue noir” the Turkish edition!