Woman’s day New Zealand scans

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On the first day of Christmas


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Everyday from now until the lovely day santa showers ya with gifts I’ll be posting Xmas goodies!

And the mags have hit the shelves…

So I refrained from posting the photos from last weeks shenanigans, however, now they have hit the covers. You know I post these for humor and do not ever actually believe the words printed lol.

Click the pic above or link below to check ok! Magazine from Australia


On set photos

Got a few shots today as justin returned to his “palmer” movie set in New Orleans! Thanks to justjared

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The soft side we all know and love

The lost files

…. I stumbled upon these on twitter, how did we miss them ? Or maybe It was just me? Lol but these are apparently of justin in Los Angelos in October


Back to work

Some new photos have been released to the world of Justin working on set of “palmer” today, check them out in the gallery!


Random oldies

Found these on Instagram so I figured I’d share. Credit to the tag printed on photos.

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More Palmer set photos

Found more pictures of Justin on the set, and added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure! Click the image or link below to see them in the gallery


Just another day in the office

…. that’s a line Justin will never utter lol, however working in entertainment, the movie set is the office! Check out some photos of justin from today in the gallery below