And even more cuteness

Found more! And I know y’all don’t mind because the only thing better than pictures of Justin are ones of him being a dad!

Click that pic to see all the new ones added!

Day three of the tourney

Photos from the “pro am” are flowing in on social media and with some agencies, so here are some of the good ones I’ve found so far. Click the preview to check out all the goodies in the gallery.


Check out some fan photos and some professional shots of Justin taken during his practice rounds for the tournament held in Switzerland this week!

These are from the practice rounds yesterday I believe. Click the preview above to view in gallery.

Cuteness overload

I’m a little confused on the dates because of the time difference so I might have It wrong. These might be from yesterday, might be from today …. who knows, just enjoy lol πŸ˜‚

Click the image above to check out the pics!

MTV vmas coverage

MTV vmas coverage

Old pics

How cute is this ?


Last post for today I swear

Found some outtakes from an old shoot thought id share ! Click the image to view the entire shoot in the gallery!

OK! Magazine scans

Tiny mention about celebrity liquor brands so of course our fav guy makes the list!

A few selfies from the other night

The other night Justin attended a songwriting workshop in Memphis…. and here are a few more photos shared on social media. Click the pic to view in gallery!