Bai lawsuit dismissed

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Justin Timberlake has scored a big win in the lawsuit accusing him of deceiving customers who bought the beverages he hawks after a judge dropped him from the case.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a federal court judge has dismissed all claims against Timberlake in the class action lawsuit filed over the ingredients in Bai Brands Beverages, which JT has endorsed

The judge ordered that the claims against Timberlake were filed in the wrong court and, as a result, the singer will be dismissed.

As The Blast first reported, Timberlake was sued as part of a class action lawsuit that alleged Bai was deceiving consumers with false and misleading labeling, saying they contain only natural ingredients and are flavored only with natural ingredients when they actually contain undisclosed artificial flavors in violation of state and federal law.

Justin Timberlake was dragged in for being the celebrity spokesperson and starring in their 2017 Super Bowl advertisement.

The singer denied all allegations of wrongdoingand sought for the case to be dismissed, arguing he didn’t know what is in the beverages he hawks.

The singer claimed there is no evidence he had a role in the design, manufacturing or distribution of the Bai drinks.

The court docs noted that despite the fact JT was given a promotional title of “Chief Flavor Officer,” it did not mean he actually was an agent of Bai.

Bai lawsuit dismissed

Justin Timberlake fulfills young cancer patients’ wish with children’s hospital visit

With sunshine in his pocket, Justin Timberlake made dreams come true for one deserving group of children. On Friday afternoon, the superstar musician took a break from his “Man of the Woods” tour to visit a lovable group of cancer patients, nurses and families at the Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

Earlier this week, Timberlake fans at the hospital posted a video dancing to his song “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” campaigning for the star to come see them ahead of his Saturday concert at the AT&T Center. Unbeknownst to the spirited young patients, Timberlake caught wind of the now viral video online and stopped by around 3 p.m.

According to Annabella Lugosi, a mother who’s been taking 4-year-old son Jackson to the Methodist hospital for cancer treatment since he was 3 months old, the singer “took time with each individual child in his or her own room.”

“He was so humble, and you could really tell that this wasn’t for publicity or anything like that,” Lugosi told TODAY. “He genuinely wanted to be a bright spot in these kids’ lives for a day.”


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Justin Timberlake fulfills young cancer patients’ wish with children’s hospital visit

Tour is officially called off for the rest of 2018

In October when Justin cancelled his Madison square garden show, fans thought it was just a security measure due to activity going on in Manhattan that day, little did they know it was actually something that would not only effect that night’s show. One by one each show that followed was postponed as well, and the only thing that had been official mentioned to fans was that his doctors put him on a silent break, no stain to the vocal chords for the time being.

now it’s December…. and while most fans pretty much knew he wouldn’t be back on stage just yet, some were hopeful that the money they spent on travel would not go to waste.

Today Justin broke his silence, …. and typed a message to the fans on IG informing them that the man of the woods tour is over for the rest of the year due to his condition.

Tour is officially called off for the rest of 2018