Ok magazine scans

I like when they post positive things rather than rumors and trash!

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Everyone has their fav

My all time fav are the samoas

Dad and son movie day

First can we just discuss how grown little man is getting? Ok now that our hearts have stopped the melting process we can move on to notice how adorable It is to see them out. It’s rare he’s alone, but every boy needs his dad!


Star scans


Ok magazine New Zealand scans


Date night

Check out photos in the gallery from last week while couple enjoyed a night on the town.


New candids

Added some cute pics of the Timberlake’s taking a stroll in nyc with what looks like a cranky toddler.


Set the clocks ladies n gents

You can set a reminder to alert you as soon as the new video is ready for viewing pleasure

New photos to tease

New music

Justin announced that tomorrow we get new material