Us weekly

SHOCKINGLY us weekly wrote a nice column in their new issue, focusing on the positive for once. Click the preview to view the gallery

Star magazine

Star mag also decided to run a story about the lovely couple, claiming they are having issues due to Justin’s recently studio activity. **insert eye roll** click pic to view scan in gallery.

Ok! Australia scans

The author and or publishers clearly do not follow their social media accounts, nor pay any mind to the almost annoying bond the Timberlake’s share. But I post just for fun! (And for the record I didn’t pay for it so I didn’t technically support a trashy tabloid) click the pic to view the scans.

Random old candid

Click to view in gallery

Timbaland teaser

Timbaland teaser

Woman’s day Australia scans

Added a scan from an article in this week’s issue of women’s day magazine from Australia! Click the preview to see article in the gallery

A post by Rob

A post by Rob

Producer and fellow friend, Rob Knox posted this little gem on the gram today for our viewing pleasure! Can’t wait to get some material.

That face

Add another award to the resume

Well there you have it folks, he has yet again proven he’s legitimately good at everything! Check out photos of Justin getting awarded in Switzerland for winning the tournament!

2000 candid

Tap the preview to see full image!