WOJ/ My open letter to JT

Justin… dear, you do realize that the average fan is late 20s to mid 30s, therefor we are in the bracket of those either handling student loans and or mortgage. Obviously considering the fact that you only tour once a decade, majority of us plan to see more than one show to compensate the lost time, however this is not possible. The prices of the tour are unrealistic.

The 20/20 experience tour packages were equally expensive, but gave the fan more bang for their buck! For example the table for two package was 1700$, what that package you got an amazing view, up close and personal with a bar tender as well as food and wine preshow. The gifts were not too shabby and It all seemed worth the extra cash.

But asking 800$ to stand in a crowd with no seat or guarantee of a close spot is a little excessive.

Ok …. I’m done ranting lol 😂

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