90s rooms revisited

90s rooms revisited

Growing up in the 90s and early 00s might seem like a bore to the children of today, but looking back we were cool as shit. For the most part we had questionable, yet iconic fashion, better stores and the reason for this post…. pretty kick ass room decor.

Wether It was to absolutely annoy your parents by scotch taping the pages of BOP Magazine to your bedroom walls, or being crafty with your dorm, nsync fans surely used those guys for wallpaper.

Below is a collection of some of the most iconic and memorable posters that I can guarantee you had, and loved!

That rollingstone cover

Though looking back It was pretty cheesy, the guys looked great

The poster we all taped to our ceiling, and were happy when we got pretty much every other photo from the shoot. and we’d argue with others who insisted we already had It hung up.

You know loved the entire shoot.

But THIS was the best of all. And It became a giant!
We all dreamed he was pointing at us
Probably the first time we got him solo on paper this big…. and all had It above our beds
This cover was like porn for us
This entire shoot, all outfits graced lockers, closet doors and pretty much anything we could tape something to. Don’t lie!
We don’t know why this one was as special as It was, but It was
That depressing look just melted our hearts
Does this need a reason…. did not think so