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‘Model Behavior’ Taught Me How To Deal With Watching Justin Timberlake Kiss Another Girl

If you were a 14-year-old girl in 2000, you will never forget how exciting it was to stay home and watch Justin Timberlake in his first movie, Model Behavior, on Disney Channel. However, it also proved to be rather distressing because this movie included him KISSING the leading lady. If you were 14 then, you get it, but if you weren’t, let me tell you, that was a Big Deal. And if for some reason, 20 years later, you’re ready to live through that experience yet again, you can now do so as the movie is available to stream on Prime Video.

That kiss was one of the first times so many teen girls related to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,” 10 whole years before that song even existed. It’s such a specific and rough feeling to grapple with, and you never forget the first time you feel it. The man we liked and crushed on and daydreamed about and compromised the paint

on our bedroom walls for while hanging up dozens of his photos was locking lips with some actress that was not any of us teens, watching from home in our pajamas. The nerve! “Yeah I know it’s stupid, I just gotta see it for myself,” is a lyric that fully sums up this cinematic moment. Of course we were all gonna watch. But it summons that rare combination of jealousy and intrigue and shock and sexual awakening all at once. It’s heartbreaking and motivating at the same time. And, by the way, this specific kiss only lasts for mere seconds. It does look like a damn good kiss though. It’s romantic in its PG way. “I’m in the corner watching you kiss her, ohhh,” was the truth. Well, maybe not the corner, more like the couch, but still. The feeling was real.

Model Behavior stars Maggie Lawson in the classic retelling of two young ladies, one a famous hottie and one a high school normie, who switch places to get a taste of their other’s lifestyle they crave so much. Timberlake plays super stud Jason, a guy who gets to know the model he thought was “stuck up” but learns she’s actually sweet. He soon finds out that’s because she’s just a simple student. But hey, she got to share a steamy kiss with him so who’s the normie now?

Overall, Model Behavior wasn’t the worst start to Timberlake’s film career, which has included roles in The Social Network, Friends with Benefits, Inside Llewyn Davis and of course lending his voice to Trolls. In fact, considering he got his start on The Mickey Mouse Club, jumping to this installment of The Wonderful World of Disney film series, it made a lot of sense. The offer probably went something like, “Hey JT, while your music career’s blowing up, you want to play a hot guy in this movie and get some more money?” “Okay, cool!” What a deal! Plus the added bonus of ensuring millions of teen girls were at home having a formative life experience.

Kathie Lee Gifford and her IRL son Cody are also in this film that is cute and charming and a heavy dose of nostalgia, should you be in the mood for such a thing. Lawson is also a lot of fun and great at juggling both roles here, a sentiment my overwhelming envy previously prevented me from admitting. If you’re watching it just for JT, know that he probably shot his scenes in just a few days in between *NSYNC tour stops, so he’s not in it a whole lot. But when he is, hoo boy were those were some real swoon-worthy moments of 20 years ago. For those who can somehow manage to watch scenes that cause your heart to crumble to pieces within your chest, enjoy the trip back to your teen years via Model Behavior. As for me? I’ll keep dancing on my own.

‘Model Behavior’ Taught Me How To Deal With Watching Justin Timberlake Kiss Another Girl

Detroit review

DETROIT — It was an extravaganza that certainly wouldn’t be found during an everyday nature hike when Justin Timberlake brought his Man Of The Woods Tour to Little Caesars Arena on Monday night, March 25.

The former *NSYNC-er, in Detroit for the second time in less than a year, pulled out all the stops for the not-quite-capacity crowd. There were strobe lights and lasers galore for the all ages, mostly suburban crowd to ooh and ahh over. This wasn’t just a concert; It was a full-on visual and auditory spectacular.

Built to resemble a river near Timberlake’s childhood home in Tennessee, a ramp from the main stage snaked throughout the center of the arena to an auxiliary stage near the back of the floor. Fake trees were strategically placed along the way and a grassy “field” provided a nice setting for several songs. Thin fabric screens moved up and down to provide the backdrop for projected live footage and various bucolic scenes, ranging from mountains and roaming buffalo to an old-growth pine forest — really driving home the “Man Of The Woods” theme inspired by Timberlake’s most recent album.

Timberlake and his band of Tennessee Kids took full advantage of the space they had to work with. The 14-piece band, complete with a full horn section, two percussionists and several backing vocalists, hit with energy that rarely flagged during the nearly two-and-a-half-hour set, which pulled heavily from the album and had the crowd up for the majority of the show. Timberlake showed off impressive choreography throughout the night, as he and a troupe of six dancers mixed things up from basic boy band moves to a fun, full-stage shuffle with most of the band that had everyone going from side to side in unison prior to “LoveStoned.”

“Mirrors” was the cue to take a break when Timberlake really slowed things down and took time to chat with the crowd, even signing the cast of a young fan. He then proceeded to bring out shots for the band, proclaiming, “Let’s keep this party going!” before the crew launched into “Drink You Away.” Instead, however, the party mellowed out even more with a video montage and a campfire setting where Timberlake broke out his acoustic guitar and set up camp (literally) on the auxiliary stage with his band for a “Morning Light” sing-along around a faux campfire. The audience provided a twinkling, starry sky with their cell phone lights.

With five albums of material to draw from, there were enough old-school hits thrown in to keep the fans from the early days engaged. He brought “SexyBack” early in the night, while “Suit & Tie” was jazzed up with some Fred Astaire-style dance moves between Timberlake and his microphone stand. A one-two punch of “Summer Love” and “Rock Your Body” near the end of the show got things moving again, as Timberlake hopped into the VIP section of the crowd to dance on a lighted disco floor, ala “Saturday Night Fever.”

Detroit review

Justin Timberlake’s New Book ‘Hindsight’ Details His Rise to Fame

Justin Timberlake may be used to putting his thoughts into lyrics, but in his new book, the singer is putting pen to paper, revealing some of the biggest moments — and missteps — from his career.

Out this Tuesday in bookstores and online, “Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me” is a collection of anecdotes and reflections that touch on Timberlake’s rise to fame, his celebrity friends, and how he’s juggling his constant search for perfection with his role as a husband and father. Mixed in throughout the book are hundreds of candid images from the singer and actor’s personal archives.

“These are my memories, these are my thoughts in the middle of the night, these are the images I see as I close my eyes to go to sleep, [and] these are the stories I will tell my son as he grows,” Timberlake writes in the introduction to the book.

Coming in at just under 300 pages, “Hindsight” is less an autobiography or memoir as it is a curated personal scrapbook of observations, memories, and photographs. Timberlake’s editor, Elizabeth Sullivan, calls it, “experiential” and says “it’s a highly designed mix of stories, memories, musings, and personal images. You can open it up anywhere and read a vignette or look at a series of photographs or wild graphics. But in the end, the elements come together to create an exciting portrait of an artist and human being.”

One of the more telling passages captures the drama behind the scenes as Timberlake was writing his hit song, “Cry Me a River” (long rumored to have been about his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears). Then just a 21-year-old on the cusp of releasing his first solo album, Timberlake says he finished the song in two hours because he had “been scorned” and “been pissed off.” “The feelings I had were so strong I had to write it,” he says. “People heard me and they understood it because we’ve all been there.”

Known for his Southern-bred charm and charisma, Timberlake is using the book to reveal a different side of him: one that has “struggled,” in his words, “to find an inner calm and strength.” Speaking candidly about his high-profile relationships and new fatherhood, Timberlake says he’s been working to identify the things that make him tick, in order to block out distractions and re-focus his attention on the things that matter. “With hindsight, I can see that, of course, I’ve made mistakes along the way.” But, he writes, “I find courage in the idea that our mistakes can empower us. Big or small, the moments we create lead us forward, over a new threshold.”

Though he started out as a teen heartthrob, Timberlake says, “it’s no longer just about me. I have a wife (actress Jessica Biel), a child — a family. It’s terrifying. It’s invigorating. It’s more meaningful than anything I’ve ever been a part of.”

The book does feature moments of levity as well. Timberlake dedicates a section of the book to his friendship with Jimmy Fallon, calling the “Tonight Show” host not only a great collaborator, but a close friend. “We’re nonstop when we’re together,” Timberlake writes, in a page subtitled “Bros Being Bros.” “We just take turns being fire and kerosene.”

For her part, Biel, Timberlake says, calls his relationship with Fallon the “fastest game of ping-pong she’s ever seen, almost impossible to keep up with.”

In a video posted to Instagram this week, Timberlake shared his excitement about the book launch and teased a special section about the making of his viral hit, “D— in a Box.” Fans of the multi-hyphenate can also expect stories from some his favorite roles on TV and in film (including “The Social Network” and “Friends With Benefits“), along with backstage photos from his concert tours and performances.

“Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me” will be released on Oct. 30 on hardcoverthough Harper Collins. It’s already shot to No. 1 on the Amazon best-sellers list. The new book arrives on the heels of Timberlake’s clothing collaboration with Levi’s, “Fresh Leaves,” which hit stores and online earlier this month. The “Say Something” singer is also wrapping up his “Man of the Woods” tour, which finishes its run at the end of January.

Justin Timberlake’s New Book ‘Hindsight’ Details His Rise to Fame

Levi’s x Justin Timberlake Fresh Leaves Collection is Fall Fashion Done Right

The Nordstrom exclusive Levi’s x Justin Timberlake collection launched October 4th and we’re pretty impressed with what ole JT’s got going on.

The collection, “Fresh Leaves,” features everything we love from Levi’s bundled with creative input from Grammy-award winning artist Justin Timberlake. From a standout 501 slim taper jean to suave, oversized hooded flannels, a sleek sherpa trucker jacket, and more – the Levi’s x Justin Timberlake collection aims to add some new flavor to the classic Levi’s appearance.

Levi’s x Justin Timberlake Fresh Leaves Collection is Fall Fashion Done Right

Cleveland review

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Wanna know how words get made up? Go to a Justin Timberlake show.

When the former Mousketeer’s “Man of the Woods” tour stopped at Quicken Loans ArenaTuesday night, it wasn’t quite a concert. There was way too much dancing and theatrics for that.

But it wasn’t quite a dance recital or a revue, either. There was way too much singing for that.

What to do? What to do?

Ah, here we go: The two-hour sensory blitzkrieg, featuring a serpentine stage that spanned the width of The Q floor, laser lights and a stunning collection of musicians, was a “concital.”

That’s never going to get past Merriam Webster or the even tougher judges, copy editors at The Plain Dealer. But dang it, that’s what it was.

The gifted Timberlake has the moves of Michael Jackson, the charisma of Cary Grant and the aww shucks of Mickey Rooney’s Andy Hardy. Not that anyone from this era knows who that is. Look it up, you whippersnappers. It’s the truth

Cleveland review

Justin Timberlake Brings Us Into The Woods

My earliest memory of music came in 1998. My sister and I watched rising boy band Nsync perform on the Disney channel; the performance that brought them to stardom. From that day forward, I was hooked on Justin Timberlake.

I believe Justin Timberlake is the modern king of pop. You haven’t seen anything until you have seen JT destroy the stage. Say what you will about his most recent album, Man of the Woods, but this man knows how to perform.

Timberlake is no stranger to Minnesota. His halftime show performance was iconic in its own right. On his first night of a two night run at the Xcel, Timberlake pulled out all the stops and brought a Super Bowl level performance and then some.

The goal of the this tour was to bring the outside in. Timberlake and his band achieved this through building a completely immersive stage experience. From the runway stages to the incredible lighting with drop down screens, this in the round experience made every seat the best in the house.

Timberlake is a machine as he hardly broke a sweat throughout his nearly 2 hour set. Effortlessly mixing songs from different eras in his career, Timberlake presented a cohesive performance with flawless transitions. There was never a dull moment in this show as every song JT performed was a hit.

His backing band and contemporary dancers were equally on point as they kept the crowd on their feet. JT played double duty as singer and dancer, showing off his classic boy band moves to the audience of mostly 30 year olds who fell in love with him as a teenager.

There were so many highlights of the night. My personal favorite chunk of the show was when JT played Cry Me a River and Mirrors back to back. It should be illegal to play so many hit songs in succession because I was absolutely destroyed.

Another high was when the crew got a quick break and sang around a literal campfire; it was very intimate and allowed for the back up singers to get solos.

Opening for Timberlake tonight was Francesco Yates, a Canadian singer who reminded of a young Timberlake. Alongside him was the generically named DJ Free Style Steve who, if given enough time, could’ve easily made the wait for Timberlake unbearable.

JT was my first love in music. Growing up, my sister exposed me to Nsync and would later neglect to take me to their 2001 show. She has since made it up to me over the years as this was our second time seeing the king together. Justin proves time and time again why he is the best there is.

Source – music Minnesota

Justin Timberlake Brings Us Into The Woods