Tuesday spotlight : freesol

Starting today, each week various videos of a particular hit will be selected to be recognized for your viewing pleasure as well as a bit of nostalgic bliss. For the debut of this new feature I’ve chosen not just a specific song, but a collection of his attributes to his protégés “freesol”. Below are links to stream their music videos that featured Justin not only in the cinematic production but the song as well.

Also included in this compilation are some live clips and raw footage. Hope you enjoy!

Fascinated official music video

Role model official music video

Hoodies on, hats low official music video

Bonus content

Behind the scenes footage from the making of “role model” music video

“Role model” live from Irving plaza in NYC

Tuesday spotlight : freesol

The lost file

I stumbled upon this while doing my daily twitter scroll, and I do not think I’ve ever seen It. Obviously It’s a promotional photo for the social network, but why has this never surfaced?

The lost file

Reasons why being a fan in the 90s and early 00s rocked

Since the start of the Beatles and Elvis,fan girls have been fawning over pop stars and collecting whatever they could of their target. Times have changed since the days I when one would tear the pages of bop magazine out and tape their favorite heart throb to their wall, or use a concert TShirt as a pillow case during sleepovers. The new age of fans kind of lose when It comes to most things fan related as the digital world takes a lot of the collection out of the equation. A fan once waited in line to get the latest album release at a record store which usually came with a poster for putting It on hold, or would rush to the newsstand to grab the latest issue of J-14 magazine in hopes their guy would be the glossy centerfold. Now everything is streamed, not saved and photos are seen on Instagram for a hot minute and then forgotten by the time the next best thing becomes available.

But the reason for this post is not to judge the new crowd of fans, but to remember the better days and take a look back at some of the best items from the days of Sam Goody and tower records, the nostalgic swag that I’m sure we all had (or still do).

10. The pocket book

Stores like Walden books or Barnes and noble would have these tiny bundles of joy usually on a rotating display case prompt up on the register for kids to notice as their parents were trying to check out, but end up being forced to spent 7 bucks on the tiniest photos and questionable facts of their fav pop star!

9. The school supplies

Most of the music stores sold their own little notebooks, but staples during school supply sales would usually have the best folders and pencils that we’d bev the parentals for but of course never actually use.

8. Plush toys

In the 90s the TY brand was probably the most collected form of stuffed toys, until a light bulb sparked in someone’s head and began to make tiny plush animals wearing *Nsync shirts and ball caps! I tried to collect all of them but found It exhausting.

7. Cosmetics

My father once said that I’d buy anything if It had Justin’s face glued to It, and I’m not going to argue that fact because I know damn well I bought this little bad boy and never once actually used It. I’m pretty sure I still have the tiny vanilla scented lip balm in a draw of random junk.

6. Hit clips

The hit clip is what Im more than sure started the mp3 era, and caused every 12 year old girl to eat McDonald’s more than they care to admit. The little snippets allowed us to carry the boys with us wherever we went, and wasn’t as bulky as a walkman. (Kids if you’re reading this, a Walkman is a device that we’d play music with)

5. Locker decorations

Again bringing up the fact that today’s fan don’t actually get the full effect of being a crazed fan because of the digital aspect. We used to cover the inside of our lockers (and pretty much everything we could stick scotch tape to) with tiny posters and clippings!

4. The fruit snacks

These gummy little bastards boys were the shit! I used to think that gushers were the best snack, but the Nsync gummy snacks were the greatest!

3. The dolls

Although most *Nsync fans were past the barbie playing age, that didn’t make the release any less exciting. Nor did It stop any of us from torturing our parents to brave the crowds at toys r us to make sure we got all five for Xmas.

Some fans may be wondering what exactly is the doll in the photo, this is a special edition one that wasn’t sold to us American fans! Wtf mannn

2. Key chains

I’m not sure what the obsession was because most of us didn’t even have a key therefor minimizing the reason to even have such a thing. But we did! And more than likely attached them to an Nsync lanyard

1. The oversized poster

There was no greater joy than visiting a music store, or even some department stores and shuffling through the giant rotation of posters to find ur love in big print.

Kids today may have the privilege of not having to camp outside of virgin megastore to get their favorite artists new album release day, or being able to watch a music video on YouTube rather than waiting for the request you paid $1.99 on “the box” (as well as the ass whoopin’ you received when dad got the bill), but I’m glad I was raised in the era of hard copies and not stream!

What are your thoughts?

Reasons why being a fan in the 90s and early 00s rocked