Hollywood reporter posts celebs before social media

The famed celebrity magazine posted an article about all the celebrities who partied with her before the dawn of Twitter. Amongst the gems were one of a then underage Britney Spears and Justin sippin something. Next to them was a baby faced ryan gosling.

Sarah met Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling (right) through Justin Timberlake. Here, all three former Mickey Mouse Club actors partied at Vinyl in 2001. “Justin and I met when he was 16 in 1997,” says Sarah of the then-underage ’N Sync star. “We had security on them [the whole time at the club]. I kind of just adopted them,” she says of taking the band bowling at Hollywood Star Lanes on Sundays. “Britney and I got our belly buttons pierced in Hawaii, where we went for the millennium [New Year’s Eve].”

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