Random oldies

Found these on Instagram so I figured I’d share. Credit to the tag printed on photos.

Click the pic to view the entire shoot in the gallery.


More Palmer set photos

Found more pictures of Justin on the set, and added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure! Click the image or link below to see them in the gallery


Just another day in the office

…. that’s a line Justin will never utter lol, however working in entertainment, the movie set is the office! Check out some photos of justin from today in the gallery below


A few more added

The first glimpse we got of Justin shooting his new movie was on the 7th, donning a blue ensemble resembling prison gear. I found a few new ones and added them to the album! Click the image or the link to view the set


More Palmer goodies

These are possibly from the 8th, I’ve seen a few dates posted in association with these so I’m guessing the 8th is the most accurate. Click the pic or link below to check out the set in the gallery!


Mister Palmer is lookin sexy

More photos of justin filming his latest project “palmer” in New Orleans yesterday, and I must say he is making an ex con look sexy as hell! Click the pic or link below to check out pics in the gallery! … try not to drool ladies


And production has begun

Earlier today Justin was photographed on set of his latest film project “palmer”. The film is currently being filmed in New Orleans

Check out some shots of justin in the gallery! –

The cutest family on earth

I’m not just saying this because of my admiration and devotion to Justin, but because I truly feel this, the Timberlake’s are the cutest fucking family. #fightme

Check out these adorable candid pictures of Justin and the tiny Timberlake playing the other day!

View the set in the gallery – http://worldofjustin.org/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=2315

This weeks’ magazine coverage

This weeks’ magazine coverage

People magazine – http://worldofjustin.org/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=2314

Ok! Australia- http://worldofjustin.org/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=2313

Who Australia- http://worldofjustin.org/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=2312

Us weekly – http://worldofjustin.org/Photos/thumbnails.php?album=2311

These are the scans from all the gossip rags this week, all positive, shots of their Halloween costumes!


A little late with these, I’m sure by now you have all made these photos your background but I’ll share anyway.