New set photos

In time promotional photo session

Justin and costar Amanda setfried take part in a promotional photo session to support their film “in time”

2011 friends with benefits promotional photo session

Found some outtakes from a promotional photo session done to support “friends with benefits” back in 2011 featuring justin and costar Mila kunis !

Random oldies

Sometimes I just find some bomb throwbacks on IG and share because I feel nostalgic.

Some off set candids

Not that the set photos aren’t like able, because we all love them, but It’s nice to see some shots of him just being him.

Set photos from last week

Whoops! Forgot to post these. With everything going on they kind of slipped off the radar! Click the preview below (or the link) to view the album in the gallery!

OK! Australia scans

NW magazine scans

The national enquirer

It’s always funny to read the stories these magazines think of ….

Star magazine